EasyStand Releases New Bantam Medium Pediatric Stander

Bantam Medium Pow'r Up

MORTON, MN – The new Bantam medium standing frame fills a gap in the marketplace for larger, more involved children. The medium is an addition to the current Bantam line; the only standers to feature the combination of sit to stand and supine. The Bantam medium fits individuals up to 200 pounds and has an approximate height range of 4’-5’6”. The Bantam medium allows transfers to a seated or supine position, or any position in between. The Bantam’s new positioning controller effortlessly shifts between sit to stand and supine modes and the innovative “Neutral” setting allows … Read More.

EasyStand Names New Marketing Manager


MORTON, MN - Altimate Medical, Inc. recently promoted Kyle Smith to Marketing Manager. Smith’s previous position with AMI was Marketing Specialist. Kyle has long been recognized for his excellent leadership skills and innovative thinking. As part of his new position, he will be responsible for … Read More.

EasyStand Hires New Marketing Specialist


Altimate Medical Inc. recently added Brittany Ryan Mathiowetz to its marketing team as a Marketing Specialist. Brittany holds a Bachelor’s Degree from St. Cloud State University with emphasis in photography, graphic design, marketing, advertising, and management. Her previous positions have … Read More.

EasyStand StrapStand Offers Versatility and Custom Fit

EasyStand StrapStand Standing Frame Offers Sling Seat With Versatility and Custom Fit

Altimate Medical’s new Adjustable Sling Strap for the EasyStand StrapStand accommodates user’s unique needs and adjusts in length for a custom fit. The addition of this option allows clinicians, caregivers or end-users to choose between a solid or sling style strap. The style of lifting strap … Read More.

Altimate Medical Earns Top Governor’s Safety Award


Altimate Medical, maker of EasyStand® standing frames, was recently awarded the 2011 Minnesota Safety Council’s Award of Honor for exceptional accomplishments in reduction of injuries and illnesses in the workplace and implementation of more than ninety percent of specified benchmarks. Altimate … Read More.

CEU Seminar on Benefits of Standing and Weight Bearing


Altimate Medical, manufacturer of EasyStand standing frames, is presenting a new CEU accredited seminar in 2012. “Standing Justified” is a practical program on standing and weight bearing that explores the health complications and cost resulting from immobility. Attendees of “Standing … Read More.

EasyStand Bantam Adds Swing-Away Front for Easier Transfers

EasyStand Bantam Standing Frame Swing-Away Front

Altimate Medical’s new Swing-Away Front for the EasyStand Bantam line of standing frames makes assisted transfers easier. Adding this option allows a caregiver to swing the knees and tray away, providing full access to the seat while transferring. The Swing-Away Front option features a double … Read More.

Altimate Medical Hires New EasyStand Marketer


Altimate Medical Inc. recently added Kyle Smith to their marketing team as a Marketing Specialist. Kyle holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations and a Masters of Arts Degree in Administration and Management from Minnesota State University. Kyle’s previous position was in Corporate … Read More.

Bantam Mobile Option Now Available in Two Sizes


Altimate Medical’s EasyStand Bantam pediatric standing frame’s self-propelled Mobile option is now available in two sizes: short and tall. The push rims on the Tall Mobile option measure thirty-five inches in height (from the floor) which is four inches taller than the short option. Making it an … Read More.

Altimate Medical Earns Eleventh Governor’s Safety Award


Altimate Medical, makers of the EasyStand® standing frames, was recently awarded the 2010 MNSHARPS Outstanding Achievement Award for continued outstanding record and implementation of seventy- five percent of safety bench mark programs. Since Altimate Medical was first honored by the MNSHARPS … Read More.