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When designing a wheelchair accessible dream home, the EasyStand standing frame is a perfect complement. Used in rehab centers, VA hospitals, schools, and homes, the EasyStand is the first choice of leading physical therapists across the United States.

In fact, the EasyStand was chosen to be featured in four different homes on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” for these deserving families: is the first choice of leading physical therapists across the United States.


Hall Family
Season 8, Episode 18

Carl Hall was a baseball star at Wichita State. A tragic car accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. The medical bills and the fact that the family must rent a place where Carl can get around in his wheelchair have made for some tough times lately. In the Hall Family’s new accessible home, the EasyStand Evolv with Shadow Tray was one of the products added to Carl’s rehab room that will help him be more independence and remain active like he was prior to his accident.



EHME-latifLatif Family
Season 5, Episode 22

Ju-Juanna Latif is a mom of four kids who has struggled through the challenges of being a high school drop out, teen mom, and living in a homeless shelter.  Ju-Juanna was finally able to purchase her own home, but it was falling apart at the seams and not wheelchair accessible. With James, Ju-Juanna’s nine-year-old son being disabled, the home she owned was neither functional nor safe for her family. Altimate Medical donated an EasyStand Evolv stander to the Latif family for James’ Therapy Room.  He now has an accessible home and a special Therapy Room full of fun and therapeutic activities to further his development.

EMHE-RipattiRipatti Family
Season 4, Episode 9

Kristina and her husband Tim both worked as police officers in the gang division of the LAPD. Kristina was extremely active. She would run to the gym, work out, then run back home. On a routine night of work, Tim & Kristina’s lives were changed forever. Kristina was shot by a gang member, rendering her a T2-4 paraplegic. Due to Kristina’s active lifestyle before the accident, the EasyStand Evolv Glider was an obvious choice for her new home. Allowing Kristina to stand up, move her legs, and strengthen her arms, the Glider will help Kristina maintain her healthy lifestyle in the convenience of her own home.



EMHE-HawkinsHawkins Family
Season 4, Episode 2

In early April 2006, a massive F-3 tornado ripped through the Hawkins family’s home in Henderson, TN. Amy Hawkins heroically saved her sons by lying on top of them in the basement. But unfortunately the bricks, debris and concrete that hit Amy caused permanent injuries that left her paralyzed. In their new accessible home, an EasyStand Evolv Glider was placed in their turret so Amy can stand up and keep her body healthy, while watching her kids play.



Zitek FamilyZitek Family
Season 1, Episode 7

Life changed dramatically for 22-year-old Robert Gil and his family when Robert was involved in a devastating car accident that resulted in him becoming paralyzed from the neck down. His house was remodeled to include an elevator that allowed him to access the basement. Gil hadn’t been in his basement since before the accident. Now the accessible basement is a therapy room that includes the EasyStand 5000 stander.



Altimate Medical is proud to have been part of these life-changing builds through the donation of EasyStand standing products. These exceptional individuals can now stand in their new accessible homes, while looking at their family members eye-to-eye and improving their quality of life